For almost 30 years I have been an Entrepreneur with a variety of businesses and worked across continents, countries and cultures, giving me a broad perspective of what it takes not only to succeed but also how to manage the adversities.

dotprofileWhile 30 years is really only a short time it is important to remember that when I first started in business the computer was still in it's infancy and was only narrowly in use.  Knocking on doors, writing letters and picking up telephones was the only way to reach new clients and this has changed radically over the years.  The expansion and development of the internet has widely contributed to the success and rise of Entrepreneurship.  High tech solutions do not necessarily always been better solutions, there are still some very simple low tech strategies that significantly contribute to success and I bring both aspects to the table.  I have succeeded at a variety of businesses, even failed, and it is these insights and strategies that I bring to the benefit of my customers.

In addition to my business and entrepreneur experience I am a fully accredited and qualified Coach for over 18 years and have mentored numerous companies and entrepreneurs to start, develop and grow their success.

I am also fortunate that I am regularly invited to participate in events and speaking engagements on a variety of topics with a number of organisations - A Place in the Sun, US Embassy Youth Entrepreneur Programme Luxembourg, The Network, HubDot, Radio5 Live, BBC (world and regional), Interesting Talks London, Women's Entrepreneurship Day, to mention a few.

In 2018/2019 Dot drove 20000kms, through 18 African Countries over 8.5 months, on her own, to get from Europe where she had lived for 20 years, to return home her birthplace in Zimbabwe.  She currently has a book about to be published about her journey.  Parts of her journey are published on Facebook and Instagram @goinghometoafrica.

If you'd like to have a quick chat with me, or you have a specific question, why not chat in the box below or if I'm engaged just drop me a note and I'll get back to you. 

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MY GREATEST STRENGTH: I bring a broad view to the table as well as understanding the need for the details
MY GREATEST CHALLENGE: harnessing my passion for my client's success, I can get carried away with ideas
MY PERSONAL PROFILE: Dynamo/Blaze - Star - means I am extroverted but with compassion
MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Dogs - loyal, honest, cheerful and devoted but really any animal will do I love them all.
MY FAVOURITE MUSIC: What? I can to choose only one ...