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EVENT: Awesome Woman


We're all awesome women, right?  Yes indeed we are but one of the things that I hear most often from women is the things that they don't have the confidence to do ... for example:

"I would love to do ... but I just don't think I can"

"I would have said something but I didn't want to offend anyone"

ad infinitum the list of things that women wish they could do, should do, want to do and the reason they can't ... basically it mostly comes down to confidence.  The ability to do or say something that is not harmful to anyone else but honours yourself. 

So when I met the dynamic Irene Wilkinson, whom I fondly call my 'African sister' (she is from Malawi and I am from Zimbabwe), we both felt strongly about women's confidence and as a Happiness Coach she specialises in working with people to help them reconnect with their happiness.  So an event was born.  Irene also invited Natalie Care, a London based stylist, to join our panel to help people achieve their confidence through clothing.

I introduced the workshop from a personal perspective I feel very strongly about women's rights and equality and to me it is vital that as women we fully take up and participate in a world where we represent +/- 50% of the population.  The longer we tolerate being treated like less than who we are, the longer we allow our rights, personal safety and opinions to be dominated the danger is that that this is the legacy that, we as women, are handing over to our daughters and girls of future generations.  In my opinion the longer we allow ourselves to not be confident women, the longer this pervasive environment of dominance will continue.

So I believe that women must become responsible for their confidence, stop making excuses for not having it and start working toward developing it.  We owe it to ourselves and to the girls and women who follow.

I am accused of gender bashing when I stand up for women's rights and that I must be a man-hater, far from it!  What it makes me is a woman promoter and in a male dominated world we need men to help us get there.  Men can help us by not accepting inequality in whatever form it takes.  The more equality we get as women, the more it also frees men from stereotypes as the strong, emotionless, bread-winner, something I know many men today no longer feel applies to them either.  It is not unusual for me to get a huge amount of kick-back from women on this topic, where comments range from "but women are better care-givers than men it is natural to us" ... seriously ladies ... sterotyping works both ways!  I'm certain that given the opportunity many men can be excellent care givers just as women can be engineers and bus drivers!

It is proven that children from households where the women are working and successful, and the men participate in the raising of the children, are better balanced and free of damaging stereotypes.  We could certainly do with more of these children in the world.

In my introduction to the workshop I outlined some of the areas where women are woefully under represented and the amount of inequality that exists.  See the outline presentation (attached) for some of the details.

Later in the workshop I also introduced some of the non-verbal ways that we as women undermine our confidence and how we can send conflicting (non-verbal) messages to others, especially men.  Our non-verbal communication is in every way as important as our verbal, especially in a world where we are judged by others within seconds and seldom get the opportunity at a second chance.

Being happy, confidnet women is something that we owe not only to ourselves, but to the world and future generations too.

The event was held at mélange Design and Style which was the perfect location.





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Tuesday, 19 October 2021