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Face Shapes

Ever wonder why round faced people are more hearty and confident and yet people with longer faces seem to have to work harder at it?  Well behavioural genetics indicates that in general there are facial traits which are typical to certain personality types or attributes.


Let's start with the wider faced person.  This is generally taken from the width of the cheekbones and these people will display a greater sense of self-confidence, they are also generally fun-loving and greater risk takers.  They also love to be loved or need to be needed.  Without love, recognition and a sense of being needed they often become discouraged and in relationships they will leave.  As risk takers these people will often jump right into situations without much thought or assessement and especially so if they feel that some action will give them recognition or personal emotional reward.

As a person with a longer face, this does not mean that you lack confidence, rather it means that you will have worked at earning and learning your confidence, it was not a natural gift to you it was something that you have built up over time.  Longer faced people are usually more cautious and less likely to take risks.  To them accomplishments are important and they like to learn at their own pace and do not like to be pushed.  They like to be respected for their achievements.

How can you apply this to your daily life?  Firstly it is important to understand that degrees of wide and long are important and if you had two people standing next to each other one person may have a slightly wider face than the other, then this person would be the more confident of the two, by nature but the longer faced person my have achieved a greater level of confidence by acquisition of learning over time.  As always the information should be used with the consideration that you are only seeing one aspect of the person and not the entire personality.  When comparing people understand that the person with the wider face will naturally have more of the wide faced attributes than the narrower face and so in degrees.

However, this information can provide good insights into the person when you are dealing with people, for example recognising the need to demonstrate recognition for wide faced people and respect for longer faced people this will bring out the best in them.  The longer faced person may also need more convincing to tackle a new project whereas the wider faced person may need to be held back until they have thought things through more thoroughly.

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Thursday, 27 February 2020