Having been a qualified and accredited Coach for almost 15 years, I have seen the coaching industry go from an unknown entity to an industry that is over populated with coaches with diverse specialities, of all levels of skill, experience and knowledge.  It seems today that everyone you speak to is a coach.

Why should you consider a coach?  Coaching is a great process to move you away from any given situation and toward a new destination.  You might say, well if I need to talk about anything I can do that with my friends or family ... the reality is that you've been doing that all your life and still you're where you are now, rather than where you want to be.

Coaching is really a process, it is truly simple, and with a skilled coach it can bring you to new realisations, help you untangle your thoughts and bring about clarity.  There is also a lot to be said about the fact that when you speak to someone who not only does not have an 'agenda' for your life that you will be more honest, more detailed and when you hear yourself talking through these things, very often you will see the very thing that was blocking or holding you back.  A coach's skilled questioning and other techniques can also help you stop fooling yourself, direct your thinking and altoghther bring about results more rapidly than you can do on your own.

However, like everything else in life ... not all coaches are equal.  As I've said before the market is truly full of coaches and the difficulty is who to choose amongst them?  I firmly believe that there is a coach for everyone and just like doctors or therapists not everyone gets on with the same coach.  Here are some of the things I do recommend when you are seeking out a coach ... these are my personal opinions based on my many years of coaching and helping people.

Coaching is a simple but powerful process, get the right coach and you will be living a fuller, better life before you know it ...