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When it sounds too good to be true ...

I was inspired to write this after reading the opening paragraph by Darren Hardy in his book The Compound Effect.

Being from Africa where gullible people have been the fodder of criminals for many decades I'm never short of surprises when it comes to how gullible people still remain, the question is ... are you one of them?

I'm sure that everyone has received a phishing email from some poor African diplomat or widow of a diplomat who needs to have your help (and bank details) in order that they may transfer millions of Dollars to you, to 'help them out'.  You may laugh and say "no one falls for that trick", and you would be wrong. If no one fell for it they would stop sending them, they know that the chances are 1 in several thousand but there is a sucker out there somewhere who will part with funds and personal information to make that 'quick buck'.

The premise of these scams appeals to the human need to get more for as little expenditure (of cash or energy) as possible, a belief that you've been 'personally chosen' and that you're 'in luck'.  In the early days of these scams may more people were 'lucky' than there are today, but yet still there are people who get drawn into these situations with regrettable results.

So perhaps you don't think you're that gullible ... and yet!  Have you ever signed up for a course or programme that you really couldn't afford but it sounded like it would magically improve your business overnight and lead you straight to those customers willing to part with their money, especially those 'high-end customers'?  It sounded amazing and they said all the right stuff to hit at all the right places and it was just what you needed, so, you signed up.  Question is did you get those high-end / high-paying customers?  Did your business turn around overnight? Are you now on the road to the success that you've always dreamed of?  In the majority of cases ... the answer to that is NO!

You don't have to admit it if you don't want to, I confess that I've done this before, and I call it the magic bullet - that one thing that you can shoot off and you'll kill it!  Generally I've experienced (from myself and clients) that the magic bullet usually ends up shooting you in the foot.  Why?  Because you're just not ready for it, you haven't identified other factors in your business that will be affected by your actions in this one area, you just didn't 'get' what the content was trying to deliver or (as in most cases) the programme just plain over-hyped. 

Is this type of hype marketing any better than phishing scams?  In my opinion regrettably not.  Each of them dupes the majority of people into something that they would like to achieve and feeling that they will get 'lucky'.  The great success of so many of these is that there are a few people who are in the right space within themselves or their business and the information falls in the right place at the right time and indeed these people do get lucky and experience success.  However, it is interesting to note how many people who have come to me have in the past tried one or more 'magic bullet' program to achieve success and failed to achieve a return on investment.

Are they all bad, certainly not; are they all good, certainly not!  I want to raise awareness of the potential dangers of hype- marketing on your customers and as a customer, there are no quick-fixes and luck is only found when you are taking action.  The trend has been achieving mass interest but it is also developing a more skeptical and distrusting market - use with caution.

I'm fortunate that most of my customers come to me via referrals and I attract customers through relationships (online or offline), this generates real results.  Be be transparent on what is available, successes as well as following up.  As a customer look at whether the program is solid or just a 'magic bullet'.  Find out the breadth and depth of your provider and don't just hit the PAY NOW button based on a hype and a prayer!

Bottom line, there is nothing that replaces steady and solid work and attention on your business to create your business success.  The Compound Effect details an excellent approach to success.

Interested in the book referred to above, click on the image below:

The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy


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